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Date: 23rd June 2016
Enactus-AGSR Burgmann AGSR Replacement
FeaturesFor top,Website:, bottom and side entry drives Gas-lubricated Double seal Balanced Stationary springs on product side Independent of direction of rotationAdvantagesTorque transmission by clamping ring for large axial movements No friction on the seal faces, no heat generated at the seal or in the medium Variant for sterile applications available Ready-to-fit and factory-tested unitOperating rangeShaft diameter: d3 = 20 ... 200 mm (0.8" ? 7.9")Pressure: p1 = ... 6 bar (87 PSI), ?p = min. 3 bar (44 PSI), p3 max = 9 bar (131 PSI)Temperature: t1 = 0 ?C ... +150 ?C (+32 ?F ? +302 ?F))Sliding velocity: vg = 0 ... 2 m/s (0 ... 7 ft/s)** Higher velocities on requestMaterialsSeal face and seat: Silicon carbideRecommended applicationsChemical industry Food and beverage industry Pharmaceutical industry Pasty media Dry media Mixers Dryers Special rotating equipmentService provide specialised design provide processing service according to constomer's need
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