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Date: 24th June 2016
Enactus-APItex-T Burgmann APItex-T Replacement
Features?API 682 Category 1,Website:, Type A, Arrangement 2 or 3 seal?Dual seal in face-to-back arrangement?Balanced?Cartridge unit?Independent direction of rotation?Shrink-fitted seal face?Solid mating ring ?Advantages?Suitable for pressure reversal?Insensitive to shaft deflections and process fluctuations?Cover distortion cannot cause mating ring misalignment?Good heat dissipation?No external pump necessary?Pre-assembled unit, ready to install?Low space requirements?Security due to proofed design?Springs protected from the productOperating rangeShaft diameter:?d1 = 20 ? 110 mm (0,79" ? 4,33")Pressure: p1 = 22 bar (319 PSI)Temperature: t = -40 ?C ? +176 ?C(-40 ?F ? +349 ?F)(>176 ?C (349 ?F) please inquire)Sliding velocity: vg = 23 m/s (75 ft/s)MaterialsSeal ring: Blister resistant carbon,?Silicon carbide SSiC (Q12)Mating ring: Silicon carbide SSiC (Q1)Secondary seals:?EPDM (E), NBR (P), FKM (V), FFKM (K)Springs: Hastelloy? C-4 (M)* and C-276 (M5)Metal parts: CrNiMo steel 316 (G) or equivalent,optional materials on request.?serviceProvide special designAccording to the requirements and conditions for the custom processingRecommended applications?Process industry?Oil and gas industry?Refining technology?Petrochemical industry?Chemical industry?Highly volatile hydrocarbons?Toxic and hazardous media?Media with poor lubrication properties?Low solids content and low abrasive media?Vertical and horizontal ANSI chemical standard pumpsRecommended piping plansProcess side:01, 02, 03, 11, 12, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23, 31, 41, 32Between seals:52, 55, 53A, 53B, 53C, 54Atmospheric side:61, 62, 65A, 65B* Depending on application, please inquire.Serviceprovide specialised designprovide processing service according to constomer's needd1d2d3d4d5ll1l2dQty.Acc. ASME B73.1 (h min.)2050.45810512796.568.52813.5419.052555.46311013296.568.52813.5419.053060.46811513796.568.52813.5419.053565.47312014296.568.52813.5419.054070.47812514796.568.52813.5419.054575.48313516296.568.52817.5419.055080.488140167100722817.5419.055585.493145172100722817.5419.056096105160187127.58839.517.5422.2265101110165192127.58839.517.5422.2270106115170197127.58839.517.5422.2275111120175202127.58839.517.5422.2280116125185213127.58839.522422.2285123.5136190223131.59239.522425.490128.5141195228131.59239.522425.495133.5146200233131.59239.522425.4100138.5151205238131.59239.522425.4105143.5156210243131.59239.522425.4110152.5161215248131.59239.522425.4
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