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Date: 23rd June 2016
Enactus-HA211 Burgmann HA211 Replacement
Features Single seal Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Positive torque transmission due to bayonet drive between seal head and drive collar O-Ring groove for ventilation prevents solids build-up and enhances flexibility Recommended applications Pulp and paper industry Water and waste water technology High-viscosity liquids Pulp suspensions Process pumps Pulp pumps Operating range Pressure: p = 12 bar (174 PSI) Temperature: t = -20 ?C ... 160 ?C (-4 ?F ? +320 ?F) Sliding velocity: ... 20 m/s (66 ft/s) Viscosity: ... 300 Pa?s Solids content: ... 7 % Materials Seal face: Silicon carbide (Q1) Seat: Silicon carbide (Q1) Secondary seals: EPDM (E),Website:, FKM (V) Metal parts: CrNiMo steel (G)serviceProvide special designAccording to the requirements and conditions for the custom processing imensions in mmdd1d2d3d4d5ll1l2l3l4B203436293535141105.523.5243840333935343105.523.5253941344035343105.523.5284244374335545105.523.5304446394535545105.523.5324648424835545105.523.5334749424835545105.523.5354951445035949105.523.538545849564645311624405660515846655116244359635461466551162445616556634665511624.548646859664665511624.55066706270473601362.54.55369736573474611362.555571756775474611362.556078857280476631362.556381887583476631362.556584907785480671362.557090958392483681572.5575951048897487721572.558010010995105487.57215.573685107114100110492.57715.573690112119105115492.57715.573695119124110120497.58215.5736100124129115125497.58215.5736
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