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Date: 23rd June 2016
Enactus-MFL65 Burgmann MFL65 Replacement
FeaturesStationary bellowsSingle SealBalancedIndependent of direction of rotationAdvantagesFor high temperatureHigh sliding velocitiesNo elastomer secondary sealsOperating rangeShaft diameter: d1 = 16 ... 100 mm (0.63" ... 4"),Website:, (>100 mm on request)Externally pressurized: p1 = 25 bar (363 PSI), (higher pressure possible, please inquire)Internally pressurized:p1<120 ?C (248 ?F) 10 bar (145 PSI),p1<220 ?C (428 ?F) 5 bar (72 PSI),p1<400 ?C (752 ?F) 3 bar (44 PSI)Stationary seat lock necessary.Temperature:t = -20 ?C ... 400 ?C (-4 ?F ... +752 ?F)Sliding velocity: vg = 50 m/s (165 ft/s)MaterialsBellows:Inconel? 718 (M6), Hastelloy? C-276 (M5)Seal face:Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Silicon carbide (Q12)Seat:Silicon carbide (Q1), Special cast CrMo steel (S)Metal parts:Duplex (G1), Carpenter? 42 (T4), Hastelloy? C-4 (M)Recommended applicationsProcess industryOil and gas industryRefining technologyPetrochemical industryChemical industryHot mediaHigh sliding velocitiesPumpsSpecial rotating equipmentServiceProvide special designAccording to the requirements and conditions for the custom processingDimensions in mmdd1d2d3d4d5d6ln x mxt1916?1920.52930.325.34533.54 x M462420?2425.53538.833.84933.54 x M463025?3031.54043.638.65534.56 x M463531?35364545.840.859336 x M464036?40415051.546.56530.56 x M464541?45465555.250.26935.56 x M465146?51526364.759.776.540.56 x M576052?60617070.665.684326 x M577061?70718082.876.895386 x M578271?8283.5959892112416 x M678883?8889.5100107.7101.7120476 x M6710089?100101112112.7106.7130476 x M67
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