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Date: 23rd June 2016
Enactus -Type 32D John Crane Type 32D Replacement
Structure descriptionEquivalent to John crane Type 32DSingle o-ring mixer seal for top entry vesselsOutside mounted dual balanced faceFace material of special dry running carbonReverse pressure design (high pressure and vacuum)T-Bars for rugged drive and exact axial guidanceStandard sizes from 25 to 125 mm shaft diameterMechanical wear indicationSuitable for application in explosive areas. Certificates of conformity according to European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) Cat. 1,Website:, 2 and 3 available on request Standard design options:? component seal? component seal with standard flange (accordingOperating limitsTemperature: -40?C to 150?COperating pressure: vacuum up to 6 bar(g)Static test pressure: up to 9 bar(g)Speed: up to 1000 rpm (depending on shaft diameter and pressure)Shaft Runout: radial: 1.5 mm;axial: +/- 1.5 mmEnactus?-32D Dimensions(mm)Seal ? ?Size Component Version Dimensions Standrd Flange ?Dimensions (DIN) Flange ? ?Fastening&Mounting ????d3D5D6D7D8L4L5L6L7d0d1 ? ?d4D9HH11H14kn?d2boltT2550.55663791335991175 ? ?110114.585.425141454?18M16M163050.55663791335991175 ? ?11011485.425141454?18M16M16405965738913.535.5991175 ? ?11017585.432.5141454?18M16M165069758398.513.535.59107240 ? ?17613585.425142104?18M16M166077839210814.536.510120240 ? ?17614585.425122108?18M16M16709510011012015379156275 ? ?20416085.425122408?18M20M208010411012013015379149275 ? ?20416285.425122408?22M20M209010911512514015379149275 ? ?20417585.425122408?22M20M2010012313114014914.536.510174305 ? ?23418585.425122708?22M20M20110133.5141.5150.515914.536.59.5174305 ? ?23419585.425122708?22M20M2012515216016917514.536.510.5199330 ? ?26021085.425122958?22M20M20
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