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Date: 23rd June 2016
Enactus-Type 4600 Pneumostop Burgmann Type 4600 Replacement
FeaturesThe water-lubricated stern tube seals type 4600 from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution. They meet all technical requirements of modern sealing technology: modular design,Website:, convenient installation, little maintenance, no adjustments. Applying a Pneumostop eliminates costly and time-consuming dry-docking. Maintenance and repairs can be performed with vessel afloat. Type 4600 water-lubricated stern tube seals are virtually leak-free and are leaving no oil or grease residues in the waterway. And because they prevent getting water into the bilge, no elaborate actions are required for its disposal. Please ask us for references.AdvantagesWith PneumostopWater-lubrictedNo oil or grease emissions to the environmentLow power consumptionCarbon seal face unsplit for first installation, split for repairsVersion with split mating ring availableOperating rangeShaft diameter: d1 = 50 ? 320 mm (1.97" ? 12.60")Pressure: p = 2 ? 7 bar (29 ... 102 PSI)Temperature: t = -5 ?C ? 40 ?C (23 ?F? 104 ?F)Speed range: n = see diagramAllowed shaft movementsAxial: ?5 mm, Radial: Shaft diameter (d1) up to 200 mm: ?2 mm, >200 mm: ?3 mmFlushing: approx. 1 l/h per Millimeter of shaft diameter (d1)MaterialsSeal face: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A),Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B)Mating ring: Special cast CrNiMo steel (S) / 1.4462Collar, Pneumostop:Nitrile-butadiene rubber (P)Springs: Hastelloy? C-4 (M) /1.4401Gasket: Burasil? (Y)Metal parts: 1.4571 / BronzeRecommended applicationsShipbuildingSea waterFresh waterServiceprovide specialised design provide processing service according to constomer's need
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