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Date: 23rd June 2016
Grundfos 22mm Cartridge Seals
DescriptionEquivalent with Grundfos type H.Shaft size:22mmBalanced,Website:, cartridge O-ring seal unit with rigid torque transmission systemThis seal type is assembled in a cartridge unit which makes replacement safe and easy.Similar to the type D seal, the balancing makes this O-ring seal type suitable for high-pressure applications.Cross reference between the seal and pump modelsCM CH CHI CHIU CHIE CR CRI CRN CRE CRIE CRNE SP SPA TP TPD TPE TPED?NBG NKG NK LP?HQQE?HQQV?CVBE?CVBV?AQQV?AQQE?KUBV?HUUE?BAQE?GQQE?AUUE?RUUE?BUBE?CR1s CR1 CR2 CR3 CR4 CR5 CR8 CR10 CR15 CR16 CR20 CR32 CR45 CR64 CR90 (HQQE HQQV)CRN1s CRN1 CRN2 CRN3 CRN4 CRN5 CRN8 CRN10 CRN15 CRN16 CRN20 CRN32 CRN45 CRN64 CRN90 (HQQE HQQV)TP25 TP32 TP40 TP50 TP65 TP80 TP100 TP125 TP150 TP200 BAQE BUBE BQQE GQQE LP NB NBG (BUUE BUUV)CH2 CH4 CH8 CH12 CVBE CVBV CHI2 CHI4 CHI8 CHI12 (BQQV BUBE BQQE)S range pumps, SE and SV series pumps, Grundfos Sarlin pumps , Grundfos Hilge pumps
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